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Frequently asked questions

1What size solar system should I install?
This will typically depend on several factors:

    a) Your electricity consumption
    b) Size of your roof
    c) Your Budget

Most common residential systems we install are 5Kw to 10Kw solar systems.

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2How long does a solar system installation take?
This depends on the size of the system and the roof type however, the below is a guide:

< 5KW = Within one (1) day
5 – 10 KW = One (1) to Two (2) days
10KW + = Two (2) days +
3My roof doesn’t face North, does orientation really matter?
Yes, it most certainly does. A system with solar panels facing south will generate far less than panels facing north. However, split installations utilising both the east and west aspects of the roof can be a good option depending on the installation scenario.
4What happens on a cloudy day?
Your grid connect solar system will still produce electricity, however production will be less then what is generated on a sunny day. As you are still tied into the electricity network, any additional electricity required will be drawn from the grid.
5What are the advantages of a battery?
A battery will store any excess solar you produce and allow you to use this at times you would otherwise draw from the grid (i.e. cloudy days and night time). Batteries will also provide backup power to your home in the event of a black out and, allow the solar to continue operating in the event of a black out, in a single phase home.

To see how batteries work, Click Here.
6What is a solar system and how does it work?
A Solar system works by converting light from the sun into energy which you can use in your home, export to the grid or store for later use via a battery. Panels on your roof generate DC (Direct Current) electricity, which is converted into 240-volt AC (Alternating Current) electricity by the invertor which can then be used in your home.

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7Can I insure my Solar and/or battery system?
Yes, your solar generation system including battery/s can be covered under your home and contents insurance. Contact your insurer for further details.
8Are there option or different ways that can I pay for my solar system?
1. Purchase the system upfront
2. Finance the system through a solar loan.
3. Sign a solar lease/power purchase agreement (PPA).

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9How long will my solar installation take to complete?
Typically, installations will take around 4 - 6 weeks (standard solar installation) from receipt of signed contract and deposit.
10I have other questions, what do I do?
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